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Why Business Intelligence Tools are Necessary

How many times have you arrived at a meeting and been faced with more than one version of ‘the current situation’ and everyone is sure that they have the ‘right’ version?


The problems of information dissemination we face include:

  • Information needed for decision making is held in many locations or databases across your organisation.
  • The time taken to compile the data makes it useless by the time it arrives in the right hands.
  • The number of staff required to compile the information is growing.
  • The time we have to make decisions is shortening, so we need the correct data delivered at the correct time.
  • data security sometimes prevents us knowing that important data exists.

Business Intelligence is best when it delivers information which identifies ‘Out Of Trend’ (OOT) results, e.g: customer payment days increasing on last year, instead of the long list of data never gets read.

eXant BI can deliver those indicators that you use to identify something that is not performing as it should be. A simple set of comparison’s that work for you which show when things are not quite right and need you to analyse further. Your time can then be spent on solving the issue not identifying it.

eXant BI is specifically designed to be:

  • Simple to Use
  • Provides true Secure data access
  • flexible enough to meet your Scheduled requirements

eXant BI can help you get in control - whatever your role in the company is.


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