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What it does

In a typical month your accounts department alone produces hundreds, even thousands, of documents: 7

Sales orders
Purchase orders
Delivery notes

Remittance advices
Credit notes
And many more...

Spindle Professional automatically sends these out and simplifies the whole process

Reduce environmental impact

  • Send documents by email and fax, reducing your carbon footprint
  • Use less paper and reduce your environmental impact


Sending documents by email and fax can dramatically cut down the amount of pre-printed paper used by your business. Sending documents by post increases a company's carbon footprint, so faxing and email can help reduce environmental impact

Enhance your company's image

  • Automatically brand documents for a professional look
  • Add your company logo, promotions and seasonal messages quickly and easily


Designed to help businesses create the right impression by automatically branding and adding logos to documents so they look as good as pre-printed stationery. Allows promotions and messages to be quickly and easily added and removed for up-to-the minute accuracy

Reduce costs and save money

  • No expensive pre-printed stationery needed
  • Reduce postal costs and minimise delays
  • Saves costs of barcode generating equipment


By adding branding and offers in an instant, as well as emailing or faxing documents, Spindle Professional dramatically reduces costs. There's no need for pre-printed stationery or expenditure on postage.

Save time and eliminate errors

  • Send documents at the click of a button
  • Use email and fax, not post
  • Eliminate human errors by automating all communications with pre-chosen settings


Spindle Professional merges information from business applications, creating documents for automatic distribution by email, fax or print.  It archives documents for easy retrieval, so improving communication between departments, saving time and eliminating errors

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