Send Documents to CRM

Automatically links outgoing documents with a customer or company and saves a record of the communication for reference.


Allows different departments access to all communications for every customer.

  • Links documents directly to companies and contacts in your CRM system for easy access
  • Quotes and accounting documents stored in one place
  • Adds notes to companies and contacts confirming dates documents were sent
  • Integrates with range of applications including Sage 200 CRM V6, Microsoft Dynamics CRM or equivalent, enabling documents from other applications to be saved in your CRM system

How automated CRM integration saves time & money When your finance department sends an overdue debt letter via Spindle Professional, a copy is automatically saved within the CRM system and linked to that customer. Sales people see the customer correspondence and can mention it next time they call, or put a quote on hold until the issue is resolved. With all sales, marketing and accounting information stored instantly in one place, time is not wasted searching different applications to piece together customer information.

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