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Key Performance Indicators

KPI's are Your window on the business performance against Strategy
KPI's reflect the state of business performance in real time by Exception
KPI's are not just figures extracted from the business accounts
KPI's reflect activities within the business as a function of process.

KPI's For Directors

At the highest level within the business, KPI's show you how each area of your business is operating against your targets

KPI’s are designed to cause an action to correct a business process that does not coincide with your business strategic aims and values.

Key Results Indicators (KRI) can be centred on departments run by individual managers whose job it is to provide the detail to the board of directors when trends show positive or negative change.

KPI's For Managers

At departmental level each manager has a set of Key Results Indicators (KRI's) that underpin their Director’s Overall KPI’s.

You can also create your own departmental reports and dashboards to keep all your teams involved and informed on how you are doing against targets, as well as deliver real information to assist everyone in their individual roles.

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